• Dear Pirates of the Caribbean, please die already.1 day ago
  • Lying in bed, listenin to Zep, eating frozen Reese's cups, reading "Midworld" a so-so scyfy book, also, being the shit.3 days ago
  • Current Mood: Getting Shit Done.5 days ago
  • Joss Whedon's "Much ado about nothing" has it's flaws (cast-wise) but I find this movie intriguing.7 days ago
  • Barring the overly intellectual nonsense describing this space. I am all about this piece http://t.co/Xh0AoWTTzt12 days ago
  • Using my last 2% battery to tell you. I give 0 f*cks ahora.15 days ago
Peter Heirent
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